ADDANON - Counseling to break addictions.
Carolina Family Ministries
CASA, Inc. - Substance Abuse, Prison Ministry,  Family Issues, Adolescent and Teen Issues, Teen Court, Christian Counseling
Dawson McAllister’s Hopeline 1-800-394-HOPE   Hopeline is an toll free number that students can call to talk to trained counselors about any problem or question.
Facts About Teen Sex
Fight Teen Suicide
Harbor House - Confidential Pregnancy
HoyWeb.Com! - Counseling Office.
ICCA - Complete family counseling.
Jibberjab - A place where teens can talk to teens about their problems.


Read Pam's Replies

Pam Stenzel challenges and inspires today's youth to understand the values of personal
responsibility, self discipline, and character.

Partnership for a Drug-Free America
Teen Advice
Teen-Anon - Help for Teens who drink or use drugs.

Teen Challenge - Rape, Domestic Violence, Sexual Abuse, Drugs
The Fold - Counseling for boys and girls.
The Missing Link - Help for troubled youth.


Listen to the Radio on the Internet
Teen Seen - chat Internet Cameras

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