Online Comics

Uth Screams!

Revenge 14 kb.

Dancer 192 kb.

Nagging Mic. 393 kb.

Create A Snowman 1.4 mb. 

Out-a-bed Card 335 kb.

Tree Decorator  1.89 mb. 

Alternative Ads  435 kb. (PP)

Roaming Ram1 309 kb. 

Coke Gift 262 kb. Fun Laugh
Hampster Dance Bad Day  398 kb. Zip

Alien's Song  2.9 mb. Zip  

Jokes, Fun Fotos, & Stuff

Wuzup God

Doggy Digger 2.2 mb.

Earthquake web page

3 Dudes & A Saviour

Turn it off 213 kb.

Lights2 536 kb.

God Knows  409 kb

Stress Relief 1.22 mb. Combo #5 Singers 1 mb.  Phone call to Heaven
Rudolph 1.1 mb.  Card Trick

911 Funny

How would you like to have this job? - Clock Keeper  Click Here

Black Dot / Circles / Haze / Lines


   Here Fishy, Fishy

I AM       Yo Click Here

1To turn him off, right double-click on him and then check the bottom box on the popup window. 
2To turn lights off, locate the light bulb in the right hand corner of monitor, right click and click "turn off." 


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